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How SEO helps get you seen

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is quickly becoming a necessary tool in today’s digital business age. From websites to social media, there are all sorts of SEO tools you can utilize to make yourself more visible on the internet. Using certain terms, words or phrases in your media/content is a great way to get noticed on search engines and promote yourself and/or your business. So how do you know which words to choose? Or which terms are popular with your target audience? Do you even know who your target audience is? No worries either way! Much like SEO, site metrics and analytics allow you to monitor the demographics of your incoming site visitors so you can plan future campaigns accordingly. And here’s the best part… all of these capabilities (SEO and site metrics) are now completely within your reach.

The reasons why a business (or even an individual) would utilize SEO are obvious: these measurable trends can lead to better advertising, marketing and customer relations. When you know exactly who your target market is (and not who you think it is), you have an enhanced ability to communicate with your audience. Better customer relations leads to better results, whether you’re seeking to grow a following on social media or increase product sales.

In addition to defining your target audience, utilizing SEO and site metrics also allows you to stay up-to-date, and change things up from time to time. Much like social media, websites are not a static event. They require updates, additions, and all sorts of detail that a new website owner might not originally consider. Websites are generally not updated as often or as regularly as other mediums (ex. Facebook Instagram), however, this does NOT mean your website is ever “complete.” Be sure to regularly monitor your site and see where you’re losing visitors, or which page is more popular than others. You have the tools at your disposal to see exactly how people react on your website or account, (often called “customer behavior”) including how long they stay on a page, how they reached a page (“mapping”) and much more. The information is readily available… so put it to use!

If you’re using Facebook or Instagram for the majority of your posting/advertising, you can simply access the Meta Business Suite (previously the Facebook Business Suite) to post, schedule future posts, and read all about the activity your posts are receiving. You can simultaneously see both accounts in one place, and proper planning allows for you to schedule an entire month ahead! That means you can spend 1-2 days preparing content and scheduling posts, and then take the month off social media to focus on other aspects of your business. And since you know which posts are going out on what date, (now that they're scheduled) you can prepare your other marketing campaigns (emails, promotions, etc.) to coincide with your social media posts.

As stated earlier, SEO and site metrics are something we can all take the time to learn and utilize. Many of today’s website/media providers offer free tutorials and “how-to” videos to get you started. YouTube is another great place to learn. Just type in “learning SEO” and take your pic of thousands of educational videos!

However, if you still have zero interest in stepping into the world of analytics, it is becoming much easier to find and hire a 3rd party to manage your social media accounts and/or website. Apps such as Upwork, Fiverr and Wix provide easy access to third party website developers and other individuals with experience in this field. You simply provide the work details, pay rate and other relevant information and then search for the best fit. In no time you’ll have the opportunity to hire someone who specializes in managing your website updates as well as your social media posting schedule. Spend even more time searching these apps and see all the different options available, as some individuals work better preparing content (pictures, graphics, videos, etc.) while others excel in website design (i.e. coding, html, etc.). There is a wide variety of potential hires, so take your time and find the right fit for your business needs!

Regardless of your goals, SEO and site metrics are an invaluable tool in today’s business world. This is information that you can take the time to learn on your own, or you can choose to hire a professional to get things moving. Either way, you’re taking the steps to adapt your business to the needs of its clientele. Strengthening this bond between you and the customer and giving them exactly what they’re looking for should lead to a steady uprise in business. The information is already available. How are you going to use it?



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