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Mom & Pop Business Owners

Clack family

We might not be what you picture when you think of a ‘Mom & Pop’ business; we fit the bill nonetheless! When you support the well being of yourself and those around you, in any form, it helps bring us closer into the community. The gratefulness that we hold for that relationship, one of genuine care and peaceful perspective, both sustains and inspires our ever-expanding business model.

"I love you, even more than I love Texas."

-Slaide Cleaves

Intentional Love

Our love story is the cutest ever! And, of course, there’s quite a lot to it. We (my husband and I) had a connection early on that held us in a field of possibilities we couldn’t yet imagine. In high school, we dated.. broke up.. and then became friends for a while before losing complete contact for over seven years. When we finally reunited, just as friends, I had a 4 year-old son and was attending pharmacy school in San Antonio, TX. Meanwhile, he had just been hired by the fire department in Odessa, TX.

We’ve been married ten years, this December, and in addition to adopting my firstborn, we’ve been blessed with two more children. After pharmacy school, I became a pharmacist, got my fellowship, opened up a consulting service and later an independent compounding pharmacy. He became a firefighter/paramedic, working on the HazMat team, and eventually became a pharmacy tech for our own pharmacy! We’ve spent the past two years growing even more deeply in our purpose and discovering truest selves. There have been more hills and valleys than any of us could have expected, and we have laughed and cried holding hands through it all.

Focused Purpose

All that we do together is rooted in focused purpose, spirit, intuition and communication. Love is deep, and we've found that it can withstand anything in the world. Working through the physical representations of struggle that daily life seems to present, a strong intention and purpose helps to secure the foundation of any relationship. Landon and I both experienced the irony of our ‘healthcare’ system as professionals directly involved with patient quality of life. This allowed us an opportunity to integrate our loving relationship into this purpose, and pursue our goals with shared and honest lifestyle values.

The practice of combining work and life (and virtually everything else) can be more challenging than it appears, and a united focus on a worthwhile cause can bring these moments of collective decision-making closer into comprehension. Now, after years of intensive work and soul-searching, we've adapted to trust not knowing, and in following our intuition each and every moment… which of course means that having a unified purpose becomes even more important to maintain a co-creative, effective family lifestyle. Luckily, Landon and I have been blessed with adequate challenges on our path which have lead to real and meaningful dedication, through finding our shared purpose. We found that non-judgement and providing space help create an optimal environment for holistic well-being within all of us.

Nomadic Family

Although it wasn’t the original plan to Give It All Away, our family's lifestyle and belief system has always been the same. We’ve always seen the hypocrisy in the "healthcare" field, namely, the prosperity that’s promised for following protocol without question, and the long-term damage being done to the actual patients. It should come as no surprise that our rebellious natures would eventually pave the road for access to true wellness. We've been fortunate enough to experience and live in some of the most exotic locations in the world and work with healers and spiritual masters who rely on truth over illusion. Over the last 3 years, we were pushed to adapt, losing everything, amidst a global shut-down. We cried, held one another, we created a new life; one built of our shared love & purpose. We decided to take the opportunity as just that; an opportunity. The best times are those spent with the ones you intentionally love, and that’s exactly what we've been enjoying and expanding on together.

Traveling as a family unit throughout the beautiful country of Costa Rica, adapting to SEVENTEEN different homes over the span of two years, and creating two brand new online businesses was definitely one for the books! We learned so much about ourselves, as well as one other, and the adventurous, decision-making skills that we acquired along the way were well worth the challenge. We still aren’t sure that we will ever “settle down,” yet we are definitely sure that we will continue to adapt into even more, authentic experiences together in love & well being.

Trusting in Truth

Through an intensive, novel-worthy series of events, we have emerged with increasingly strong clarity. Foundations built through community contribution, good intentions and family values are what support our ever-expansive growth. We are certain that good works are rewarded eternally, and that’s the aim we take.

We take our ‘Mom & Pop’ business model very seriously, while still having fun in the process! There is healing and abundance to be shared, as we are directly invested in the naturally occurring evolution of each 'now' moment. Trusting in our truth and following our intuition has led us into some spectacular adventures so far, and now it's time to see what’s next!

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