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Quantum Branding

Create a brand around your lifestyle and learn

how to effectively align it with your goals.


From the initial steps of crafting your ideal brand,

all the way to establishing a social media or

marketing plan of action, get ready to

level-up your game.

What's Included?

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> Website creation w/ branding

> Logo design

> Expansive lesson plans

> Video presentations

> Goal tracking/KPI

> SEO and site metrics explained

> Branding/re-branding blueprint

> Intuitive networking resources

> Digital marketing 101

to make
the leap?

One of the biggest obstacles

people perceive when establishing and

promoting their online presence is


Quantum Branding Intensive accelerates

the natural learning curve and gives you the blueprint on crafting + marketing your unique

brand in proper alignment with your goals...

as defined by your standards.

This package was crafted for individuals who are finally ready to establish their online presence and get the brand awareness they deserve.

Ready to make a Quantum Leap?

Click the button below to apply


Q: What will I walk away with?

A: In addition to the weekly Zoom meetings, personalized course work and pre-recorded presentations.. QBI includes building your very own brand, including website creation, logo design, SEO basics, digital marketing and much more!

Q: How long does QBI take to complete?

A: Quantum Branding Intensive (QBI) takes SIX WEEKS to complete from start to end.

Q: Are there any pre-requisites to apply?

A: No, not at this time.

Q: How intensive is QBI?

A: In short.. this is a VERY intensive, six-week program. In order to ensure your goals are met in a quantum leap, QBI requires dedicated focus and undivided attention. By the end of the six weeks, you will be surprised how quickly time can pass when creating with your true potential.

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