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Are You Getting Distracted?

Updated: 4 days ago

“Stop asking others to be the change that you need in order to feel better. That is the freedom that you are looking for.”

-Abraham Hicks

Are you able to tune out the noise in your head? To focus on an intention, despite all external distraction, is an exercise to be practiced regularly in order to experience results. Reaching a self-dedicated state of focus and commitment can be beneficial (mentally and physically) to both you as well as those around you. Just being near someone who is highly focused can be inspiring, energizing, and even rewarding. So… are you ready to focus?

First: Discover your values (with clarity).

Take some time & space and deeply consider your values; identifying which are most integral to your personal mission. Clearly defining these aligned, personal values is a great source of inspiration. When focused, work becomes effortless and you will begin to truly appreciate the bigger picture, and learn to turn away from outside distraction. This noticeable improvement in quality, as shown in your resulting ‘work’, is far more rewarding when achieved from a place of clarity, and much more sustainable in the long term. Get in touch with your core values and make sure they are being consistently (and wholeheartedly) applied throughout your daily experience.

Next: Remember not to look outside for your worth.

When you are focused and continually keeping promises to yourself, your self-confidence reaches new highs and you no longer concern yourself with the approval of outside entities. You are able to advance yourself in life through your own actions, and by removing the limitations, expectations and opinions of others. The only focus you need concern yourself with is on the creative and enjoyable tasks that facilitate your lifestyle. YOU are the only one who knows the best path for you, so trust your source, remember your worth and continue your creative experience without hesitation or doubt.

Time to Downshift, Chill & Assess.

Rushing around all day is highly inefficient. When we speed through life, we tend to enjoy it less, make more mistakes, and perpetuate even more nervous energy. Giving your active & focused attention to relaxation allows vital processing to take place between brain and body, restoring your ability to focus as desired. Even a period as short as 30 intentional seconds can create some much needed space in a busy day. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself: “What am I hoping to accomplish? What would signify a victory?” This small practice is all you need to assess the direction of your focus. It allows and facilitates inspired action, which is much more effective and enjoyable than the alternatives. In a highly distracted world, those who have learned to chill and assess will stand out as rather exceptional. Training your responses to downshift regularly can bring this exceptional feeling to you as well.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing… Then what are you doing?

Having a clear strategy will not only save you time and energy, it will also help you recognize & prioritize upcoming tasks. By remaining focused in achieving this strategy, you will have the clarity and capability to reach your destination. In other words: Do like the solar system and PLAN IT OUT!

A routine that you love is Golden for highly focused living.

Although maintaining focus does require some degree of will-power and effort, it doesn’t have to be difficult. By creating and aligning your lifestyle and business routines, you allow the natural momentum of ‘good’ habits to guide your focused attention. When in these states of deep focus, you are less likely to seem tired or disappointed, as you are actively in the flow of achieving your valuable objective(s). Real focus feels like ease, not effort.

Finally: Fail Freely.

Setting extremely reasonable goals (ones that you are sure to accomplish) suggests that you may be more focused on fear than fruition. Constantly comparing these menial goals spends your valuable energy in a dissatisfying way. This energy could have been better used accomplishing things you actually find enjoyable, interesting and just the right amount of challenging. Stop spending your time on goals that you've already mastered and move into a more expansive realm. Desire to remain focused, and constantly evaluate your progress along the way. Assess for failure and use the information you gain efficiently, always focusing on your objective(s).



Are you seeking greater focus and/or clarity in your personal or business life? Schedule a consultation today and let’s get started!

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