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3 Brilliant & Unconventional Ways to Unlock Your Magic

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

"That's the thing with magic. You've got to know it's still here.. all around us.. or it just stays invisible to you."

Charles de Lint

Has anyone ever told you that you are magic?

If not, let me be the first to let you know that it is most definitely true. You are capable of so much more than you are currently aware, yet the mysterious forces behind your uniqueness are often more visible to others, from the outside looking in. No matter. Today is the day that you admit your magic and use it for ultimate good. You are important and your skills are ready to be released…

Time to unlock the magic.

There are ways to unlock it.

There are countless ways to unlock your magic and while they all take practice.. remember that the practice is the fun part! Beauty expands with appreciation; so the attention you invest in enjoyment returns through the magic of well-being.

Eating plants is a beautifully simple way to increase vitality every single day. Fueling your body with fruits and veggies supplies your cells with phytosterols and antioxidants which enhance vitality by clearing toxins and repairing damage. Practicing a mostly plant-based diet (not excluding anything, yet focusing on consuming mostly plants) will immediately boost your inner magic. These food choices create more oxygenation in the cellular structure and that’s not the only way to boost oxygen. As we focus on the processing of thoughts, we see an incredibly fun practice to increase oxygen to the organ of organization … the brain.

An awakened orgasm (Real, Powerful, Connected) is shown to increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain in a valuable way! (Even more so in Females) This simple exercise of pleasure is a wonderful key to unlock clarity in thought; which is inherently magical in every way!

There is also the option of using plants as medicine (more directly) which is a great scientific magic of sacred geometry applied as reflected in our own natural biology. This particular practice has a historical and eternal symbiosis of optimal life with the ability to be applied from nutritional, to therapeutic, and even spiritual healing.

Energetic vibrations create a life force.

And gratefulness for this life force in general seems to be the magic that science most respects. This intense force of emotional purity in a physical, bodily experience translated into what we deem feelings of peace, love, or bliss.. are those which energetically supply the lights we shine.

This is the most powerful magic of all. Gratefulness for right now. Truly appreciating the depth of your source energy and the ability to physically represent that without effort of your own. Life in itself is a miracle and you are the magic of this miraculous event when you allow it. For ultimate magical discoveries, allow yourself to fantasize without the interruption of the world’s limitations. When you are focusing energies as thoughts and waves of emotions, you are creating new realities.

*Note* It's important to recognize past patterns that may present an adversarial relationship. And it doesn't have to be anything extreme in order to matter. Please remember this: focusing on creation in alignment, rather than competition, will lead you to true fulfillment and perpetual enjoyment. We are all energy and we create magic when we choose to scientifically direct our energy effectively in both physical and spiritual form.

Discovering and using your magic improves wellness.

Practicing your magic improves your well being (Physical, Mental, Spiritual) easily because brilliance is natural. We are energy after all…. Light. You have all you need for the most fulfilled and joyful life you can possibly dare to imagine. Dare to imagine it now and as much as you wish because there is a symbiosis (beneficial connectedness) in natural systems.

We are witnessing, at an increasing rate, how tapping into the science of spirit can (and often does) facilitate the functional optimization of our epigenetic makeup (the scientifically founded belief that choosing to feel better actually results in feeling better). Discovering new concepts that genuinely interest you is an important and enriching experience within itself. Pleasure resonates from abundance, and this blissful self-expansion is easily obtained through persistent practice of your own natural magic, in easy fashion and well-being,

Now that you know.. choose to take time to consciously practice your favorite exercises in unlocking your magic, and realize that achieving your desired state of consciousness (and flow) becomes easier each and every time.

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