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Elevating Your Existence: Living Beyond Distractions

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Elevated Existence is a principle that came to me recently as I was searching for a term to describe what it feels like to quit drinking. The feeling I wanted to describe wasn’t one of loss, or missing out, but rather one of achievement and discovery. This principle, of elevating your existence to the next level, isn’t actually about ‘quitting’ something, or ‘losing’ anything at all. Rather, it’s about finding an entirely new focus; one that will propel you into the next stage of your journey without leaving you looking in the rear-view mirror. It’s about choosing to feel better now rather than later. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense not to drink. Health, relationships, money.. Basically every aspect of your life will see dramatic and instant improvement if and when you decide to quit drinking. Here’s the twist: You have to want to shift your focus, and that’s what we’ll walk you through here. 

“If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won’t, you most assuredly won’t.”

-Denis Waitley

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Finding Your ‘Why’

It’s not hard to see how stopping drinking would yield certain benefits such as wellness, saving money etc. And while these benefits are most definitely present, it’s also important to hone-in on a more general sense of why you want to shift your focus. For some, it might be a realization that quality time with their family is important, and they want to have more of it. Others might see an opportunity to break generational cycles of alcoholism and create new, sustainable patterns of living. The important takeaway is that we all have a reason for doing what we're doing (consciously, unconsciously or subconsciously) and that reason will be different from person to person. Find out what you actually want to be doing, and then realize how much you could enhance that experience without having the distraction of alcohol. Unless you’re a sommelier (professional wine taster), I’m willing to bet that the presence of alcohol is not actually making your life go ‘better.’ And if you truly believe that alcohol is making your life better, no worries! A belief is simply a thought you keep thinking, and luckily beliefs are susceptible to change.

It’s easier than you(‘ve been led to) think

Quitting drinking is actually quite easy, once you realize it’s not actually about ‘quitting’ anything. Think of it as shifting your focus to something more appealing. In one of my previous blogs, ‘3 Things I’ve Learned About Law of Attraction,’ I discussed the real time implications of law of attraction, namely, how your thoughts and beliefs are shaping your reality. As it turns out, there is actual power behind the words you tell yourself (again, either consciously unconsciously or subconsciously). Once those words become thoughts, repeating them gives them momentum until they become full-fledged beliefs. So when you tell yourself something like, “I enjoy doing this activity because it makes me happy,” then it will become (or continue to be) something that is true. The only way to change a belief is to introduce a new one into the equation, and then focus attention away from the undesired path. It may sound a bit over simplistic, and while this is a pretty basic summary of some heavy concepts, this is really all there is to it. There are no exceptions, and understanding the basics of law of attraction will enable you to move forward in ways previously unprecedented. 

"You can't do good if you don't feel good."


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Supportive Practices

So how does one go about changing a thought, pattern or belief? This will mean something unique and different from person to person, however, here are 3 of the best things you can do in order to see immediate change:


There are many different types of meditation, so now it’s time to find which one works best for you! From breathing exercises such as Wim Hof, to guided Alpha meditations like Jose Silva, I recommend scouring YouTube and other online video sources for what works best at getting you into an aligned state. It only takes 10 to 20 minutes a day, but this is an essential part of maintaining your mental stability and keeping focus on your current goals and objectives. 


Just like your thoughts, your words have actual power. There is a large field study called Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) that studies these effects scientifically. NLP shows that the words and language patterns we choose have a significant impact on our mindset and perceptions. It demonstrates that positive language is not merely about the avoidance of negative expressions but about actively shaping our thought patterns, behaviors, and ultimately, our life experiences, through the use of intentional, positive language.


There are few things as effective as fasting. The studies on cellular regeneration alone show that fasting on a regular basis adds years to your lifespan. And not just years, but healthy, active years! Fasting is nothing new in the realms of wellness and spirituality, as it allows a complete reset of both mind and body. As the cells in your body undergo autophagy, your system is literally cleansing itself of all the toxins you’ve been absorbing for a presumably extended period. In addition to the direct physical benefits, fasting also has a significant impact on mental clarity, meaning that it helps clear ‘brain fog’ and restore focus. Prolon fasting kits are an amazing resource, as they allow you to complete a 5-day fast while still having some caloric intake. To learn more about Prolon and my experience with fasting, check out my blog: ‘I Want To Go Fast’.

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Moving Forward

Consistency is key moving forward. Once you’ve found a meditation (or two) that works for you, stick with it daily for 10-20 minutes each day with some regularity and note the results. The reason people keep doing this stuff is because it works! When you actually take the time to take care of yourself, the results speak for themselves. And don’t be hard on yourself if things aren’t progressing as quickly as you like. Personally, it took me years of fine-tuning and studying different methodologies to find what works best for me (and it’s still evolving!) Abraham Hicks once stated: “You can’t get it wrong, and you’ll never get it done.” So go easy on yourself, and remember that your wellness is a continual process, not a finite program.

For more info on the benefits of avoiding alcohol, including easy to implement strategies for success, stay tuned for VIP's latest program: Elevated Existence: Embracing Clarity Beyond Alcohol & Addiction, coming soon!

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