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3 Tips for Clear Communication in Business

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Being able to communicate clearly in today’s business world is a highly underrated skill. Whether it’s a simple conversation or a company wide e-mail, properly conveying your message is an essential factor to your company’s success.

As we begin, it helps to acknowledge and accept the fact that the communicator (you) is ultimately responsible for the end result. For example, if an employer asks an employee to do a task and the employee fails to complete the task, then who is at fault? Rather than debate the finer points of this philosophical quandary, I’ll just say it… it’s the communicator! Had the message been conveyed with proper instruction, enthusiasm and importance… the task would have been achieved. It’s much easier to place blame on a 3rd party than admit fault, however, most successful business owners realize that arguing over “who’s to blame” will only further complicate things, thus delaying results. So… rather than getting into this situation at all, let’s talk about clear communication.

So how do I start communicating clearly??

1) Pay attention to the words you use.

Start by being EXTREMELY attentive to the words you use. It sounds simple, but there is power in your words. Using negative, derogatory and/or vague language actually DOES affect the resulting actions. So choose your words wisely! Keep things up-beat & encouraging, and watch the productivity (and attitude) increase. Leading by example will not only foster an environment of positive creativity, it will also show your level of interest and enthusiasm to get the job done.

2) Actively listen to the other party.

When someone is speaking to you... Focus. Give them the same attention you woud expect in return and actually listen to what they are saying. Avoid blindly nodding your head and agreeing with everything (metaphorically or literally)… and pay attention!

"Just because you're listening to him doesn't mean you're hearing him."

-Sidney Deane

It’s amazing how productive your environment can become when everyone is on the same page. Taking the time to actively listen to those around you is a great tip for facilitating communication.

3) Clarify for understanding.

Finally, be sure to verify your message was received when you are finished. Ask the person you’re speaking with to repeat back what you just said, or use a similar method of your creation to verify that your message was understood in its entirety. This simple yet obvious task will help avoid any confusion down the road. If this communication is in the form of an email (or other non-verbal means), be sure the person or people you are reaching respond in the affirmative and understand the task(s). Verifying that your message was received loud and clear provides an extra level of clarity and keeps everyone on track to achieve their goals.

There are many additional tips, tricks and methodologies that can be applied to the business world in order to increase productivity and enhance communication. These 3 tips are a great starting point, which you can begin to apply immediately in your practice.



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