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Immunity Perfection

I don’t need a hook on this beat….

There’s no need to reinforce how important your immune system is when it comes to preventing illness. You already know how important an efficient & effective immune system is to your overall well-being, and now is the time to honor and enhance this vital system. Your immune health is responsible for protecting you from illness-inducing agents like viruses, bacteria, and other toxins. Maintaining a healthy immune system can seem complicated, yet.. it's actually quite simple with a few lifestyle pointers.

First.. increase your water intake. When your system isn’t able to properly flush toxins, your body is left dealing with way more 'gunk' than it can handle. This leads to your body not functioning effectively, which reduces its ability to protect you from infection. By drinking 70-90 ounces (about 4-5 standard bottles of water) each day, you can ensure that there’s adequate water in your system to help detoxify the cells from daily activities.

Second, add some immune-boosting nutrition into your daily routine! One of my favorite, easy additions is Immune Shine; a delicious, tasting-powder blend combining all the benefits of mushrooms to support immune health, along with herbs traditionally used to maintain your overall well-being. This powder is made with a blend of Chaga and Maitake mushrooms, combined with Astragalus, Elderberry, and Ginger for a perfect immunity blend! Add this (or other nutritional immune support) into your daily diet to experience the full spectrum of immune-boosting benefits.

It should go without saying.. yet frequently doesn't.. Wash Your Hands!! This is a little action that makes a huge difference in preventing germs from spreading on, around and in your physical body. When washing your hands, pay attention to the entire surface of your fingers and hands (backs, fronts, sides) and wash for at least 20 seconds for best prevention practice.

Next for the fun stuff! It’s time to soak up the sun (or the vitamin D at least). In addition to supporting bone health, vitamin D plays an important role maintaining cardiovascular health and immune function, and in promoting an overall sense of well-being. The mood-boosting and stress-reducing effects of being outside in the sunlight are massive! Spending just 15 minutes a day with your arms exposed goes a long way to increasing this immunity supporting factor. Additionally, taking a vitamin D supplement can help to maintain your body's levels beyond what the sun can offer and keep you supplemented when the sun isn’t shining so much.

Finally, balance movement and sleep. Remember the importance of gentle movement and use targeted stretching to enhance well-being. Allowing for gentle, natural movement prevents atrophy and pain while also creating mild exertion, leading to more restful sleep. Restful and restorative sleep cannot be underestimated in supporting a healthy immune system as this is the time for the body to make any necessary repairs discovered during our waking hours. Once we achieve a healthy balance of sleep and movement, our body responds with enhanced well-being,

With so much fear in the air about 'getting sick'... just knowing that your immune system is working at 100% feels reassuring. Being certain that you’ve done all you know to support your body's natural defenses helps minimize stress, thereby boosting your immunity even further!! What a great side-effect to all these natural practices for immunity perfection!

As a pharmacist and anti-aging practitioner, I understand the importance of keeping your immune system working well. Preventing illness begins with supporting your body's natural systems. We can make simple decisions that strengthen our natural defenses each and every day! By increasing your water intake, supporting cellular function with good nutrition, keeping your hands clean, soaking up the sun and balancing movement with sleep, you can easily enhance your body's natural immunity responses.

Searching for specific guidance??



Check out VIP's wellness protocol for Immunity Perfection, which includes two of the products mentioned in this blog, as well as a few additional, pharmacist-created recommendations for supporting your body's natural systems.

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