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How To Improve Metabolism and Feel Great In Your Body

Metabolism is the sum of biological reactions of living organisms. This basic function has some easy patterns we can follow to increase our ability to create energy and discard waste in a way that allows for a healthy and fit physical body. While there are many ways to reach physical goals, doing so in a way that honors and elevates the physical connection with mental acuity and spiritual fulfillment is ultimately the best way to focus efforts on actual quality of life. Today, we will review my favorite ways to optimize your metabolism and feel great in your body.

It's literally all about energy.. so pay attention to your mitochondria (your aerobic capacity), or ability to perform the process of oxygen metabolism to produce energy. There are several elements which are necessary for optimal mitochondrial function and by focusing on supporting these processes, we can improve energy production. Adding a well-rounded nutritional support for these processes is key in creating an environment for wellness within your body. I recommend adding well-balanced nutritional support that has been specifically designed to recharge cellular energy production, increase antioxidant protection, support detoxification capacity, and support immune function. Adding complete support in a convenient delivery is a win-win-win for mind-body & soul.

Next, it is imperative to recognize the awesome power of non-resistant thought. There is a scientific pathway (many, actually) which clearly delivers your beliefs into your physical experience… and there’s no outrunning yourself. Allowing your truth to exist helps to align your lifestyle with your ideal physical body. How you think about yourself has real physical implications as modeled by the entire field of epigenetics.

Be sure to create space for cellular regeneration with meditative practices and increased antioxidant intake. Cooking in a crowded kitchen lends for more clean-up, stress, and mess… same with creating energy in a crowded body. Allow yourself space by organizing your thoughts with times of meditative silence. Allow your cells space by increasing your intake of antioxidants. When your body has space to operate, your body feels more integrated and can become increasingly efficient in metabolism.

Of course, you’ll be charging your water with good intentions and drinking it all day long!! We’ve all heard of the water studies by Dr. Emoto which show the importance of intention on molecular structures which make up most of our being. By showing yourself grace with internal thoughts in an external representation, we bring energy creation to a whole new level. Being intentional about drinking water in this way helps to optimize your mindfulness practice, water intake, and molecular structures of self-creation.

Check out the intense effects of intention in one of Dr. Emoto’s experiments here.

Last, and definitely not least.. get in touch with yourself. Make time every day to pay loving and appreciative attention to your body. Move your body, feel your body, pamper your body, and appreciate the breath that moves through you. This is probably the most powerful practice in unlocking the magnificence of your self-appreciation and alignment with ideal feelings for your physical body. Bliss and enjoyment is natural (and kind of the point) to living as a spirit-being so let go of the judgment of what feels amazing for you. Allow exploration of sensations and select what feels best. Then repeat.

We would all love to have optimal metabolism and love our bodies. Luckily for us, these results go hand in hand. It’s way easier than you’d imagined aligning with your best physical body while achieving new levels of self-confidence. Start with the tips here and expand efficiency as you discover more about yourself along the way!



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