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Meet Your Business Persona

Updated: 4 days ago

“Be as you wish to seem.”


In a business sense, the term ‘persona’ has often been applied to a buyer persona, or a marketing persona, or some other segment of desirable clientele or audience. Being able to properly define and identify the desired customer base has been an invaluable tool for businesses worldwide and is only getting easier and easier given our progressing digital capabilities. Regardless of its usage or application, the term ‘persona’ need not stay confined to these limited circumstances. Much like a buyer persona, a ‘business persona’ is the ideal version of your business self, or whomever is responsible for day-to-day operations of your business. This is the optimal embodiment of the person you want running your business and making all the important decisions. And the best part… YOU get to create this business persona! The following article examines the benefits of using a business persona and explains how it’s important to not only your business life… but your personal life as well.

“The only limitations you will ever have are the limitations you impose upon yourself.”

-Bob Proctor

Did you ever consider that running your business as yourself can be limiting because you limit yourself as an individual? Think of the times you said (out-loud or to yourself), “That just won’t work,” or "We can’t do that right now” or “It’s just not that easy” … or any other variation of these general thoughts. These are examples of some of the limiting thoughts one might respond with when a plan of action does not align with their true intentions. This response comes not because the plan of action was a ‘bad’ one, or because the thought was not achievable, or any other reason. In the end, the reasons why are immaterial. The point is this: there are indeed limitations. They may be based on a personal preference or preconceived notion or any number of factors that originate with one’s personal goals in mind. So why not remove the limitations? Why not manage and operate your business in a capacity that removes these limitations and acts exclusively in the interest of the business?

Using a business persona to oversee your company’s mission removes these limitations. When you respond to a decision in business, don’t think of how you would respond. Rather, think of how the ideal version of you would respond. Think of yourself without limits, without question, and with total control and authority to create anything you desire. This business persona you’ve created does not have to explain their choices to anyone and always acts with complete enthusiasm, accuracy and dedication. It’s basically you without any doubt, fear or frustration. You get to highlight your most favorable qualities and proceed without any negative focus. Your business persona has the best interests of your company at heart and does not see obstacles or excuses, but rather productivity and results.

On top of promoting and expanding your business, utilizing a business persona can also yield growth in your personal life. Through epigenetics, we have scientifically proven that our behaviors and actions can actually alter our DNA. When you continuously act with determination and certainty, your genetic material will begin to recognize and take on these characteristics and create that reality around you. Did you know that only 20-30% of our genetic material (DNA) is currently considered unchangeable? It’s a common misconception that our DNA is “set in stone” and that we cannot alter our physical, genetic make-up. This is simply not true; we CAN change our genetics through a shift in thought, action and belief. Running your business as your optimal self, via your business persona, allows these favorable traits to become part of your daily routine and therefore a regular part of your daily life. And when you consistently act with a high level of belief and confidence, your entire perspective will begin to recognize and accept these attitudes as baseline normal. In other words, these optimal beliefs become part of your reality.

Probably the greatest benefit of using a business persona is the ability to give yourself personal privacy. In today’s digital world, the lines between work and play are often blurred. Many people use their Facebook, Instagram or other social media pages for sharing both their personal and professional lives. There are already crossover business accounts available, made specifically for advertising, marketing and other related activities, which can be helpful in separating work from home life. And adding a business persona into the mix gives an extra layer of separation, allowing someone other than you to step into the spotlight. Your persona can be a nickname, a hashtag, or an entirely new creation. From Beyonce to Larry the Cable Guy, the process of utilizing a public persona has been well-documented. Many celebrities, artists and public figures choose to put this public persona in the spotlight, thereby utilizing their optimal characteristics.

This is exactly what we’re doing here, yet in a business sense. You are the creator of this business persona, so you can decide how far you want to take it. Perhaps you just want a more enthusiastic, hands-on manager… or maybe you want an entirely new figurehead to take charge and rebrand your business. In either instance, YOU get to create this persona based on your overall goals, both in life and in work (and the grey area in between).

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