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Spontaneous Autonomy

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

We make our decisions based on the moments of clarity we find together. If you or someone you are communicating with is being unclear.. either through words or intentions.. it makes the decision-making process more difficult than necessary. So how do we recognize these moments of clarity, and learn to stay in this aligned mindset?

There is adventure to be found throughout every day and the decision to be spontaneous allows a fun and enhanced interest in each individual lifestyle. As a wife and mom of three, there is no lifestyle decision that is independent from the root system. This means that traveling together creates a dynamic environment for creating family and individual patterns. We are able to rise through the challenges in exceedingly enjoyable ways, realizing that our collective decisions have been reached through moments of clarity.

Although we didn’t expect our time abroad to be this extensive.. or to become digital nomads along the way.. we have adapted a style to life that aligns perfectly with regenerative values and personal choice. Living together as a mobile, family unit and discussing the particulars 'of the moment' fulfills our space-time with a quality unsurpassed. There is CREATION in the choices we embark on together and REWARD in the discovery at every turn.

I expect that any family who truly commits to extensive travel will discover the same result: Alignment. You’ll find unique gifts and abilities that are highlighted and strengthened daily. You’ll crave the fullness of silence together in nature. You’ll revel in the harmony and unspoken communications you are able to create along the way. In other words.. the time you spend together will lead to expansive and adaptive practices that will strengthen each individual as well as the collective family unit.

In the coming year, I will embark on my first ever solo-travel, yet at the moment I cannot imagine a life without the whole family present. And while this feeling is most definitely real and fully-recognized, I also feel like it's the best way to see the world; together. My individual travels & perspective will provide value to the family unit as a whole upon my return, and we will all benefit from this singular experience.. as we have already encountered SO many times before. We invite you to do the same.

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