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6 Ways To Be More Attractive 🧲

Attracting abundance. #jdubyaone

Attraction is about allowing aligned relationships, ideas and opportunities. Science determines much of what scope of attraction we are in with complex hormonal and neurohormonal messengers. Combinations of feelings, smells and vibrations work together in amazing ways to determine frequencies of attraction. There are some proven ways to be more attractive and I’m sharing my six favorite here!

1) Glisten (sweat more)

Let’s talk about the science of smell and pheromones for a minute. When you sweat you are creating chemicals of focused movement, and those who are aligned will pick it up in ways beyond our sensational understanding. Creating an essence and aura of self-care attracts those of a similar nature and being into your reality. Beyond that, becoming actively sweaty builds confidence and moves your energy with intention. Emotion is energy in motion, and your movements are an intentional expression of this energy. So go ahead: Shine! Sparkle! Glistening is gorgeous by default and now you can do it with purpose!!!

2) Put on a Smile

You are in an aligned state each time you feel and experience joy. You are increasingly attractive to those you admire & respect when you admire & respect yourself. “Like attracts like”. And much like naturally occurring smiles, even manufactured smiles can signal the body to produce blissful undertones. These messages are recognized by others in vibrational resonance, who value health, love, awareness and wealth… just like you! The benefits of smiling are perfectly obvious when someone smiles back at us, which triggers a natural increase of tiny molecules called neuropeptides, creating a feeling of reward & reciprocation. These neuropeptides also reduce stress, further increasing your ability to attract!

3) Talk to Yourself

All the best of us do! Hearing yourself speak out-loud emphasizes and strengthens the importance of your message before sharing it with others. Bring your conversation into physical reality and process your thoughts and emotions together, first! This practice can lead to positive, solution-based self-talk that builds confidence and sends neurohormonal messages to the body that you are thriving and being realized. Perhaps we can see this formerly ‘strange’ trait as 'remodeling for the neurologic system'… allowing for greater attractive outcomes!

Clack family laughing.

4) Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine for your CORE!!! Seriously, have you ever had a laughing session that left your abs more sore than a day at the gym? It’s a great way to reduce the chemicals that produce signs & symptoms of physical stress. Including a healthy dose of laughter in your daily routine will lead to you having a great time, gaining abs and reverse aging... all at once! In addition to all these great benefits, remember that laughter is contagious! When you, or someone in your vicinity, is laughing and having a good time, chances are that the rest of the environment will follow pace and join the high vibes!

5) Have Sex

Yes, of course. Whether solo or with a partner, sex provides the confidence boosting benefits of inspired movement in addition to an enhanced depth of energetic magnetism. The hormones that support anti-aging are produced every time you enter this blissful state. Bonus for semen delivered internally, due to the low levels of natural, anti-aging hormones it contains. Major bonus for every orgasm, as this increases the available blood flow to the brain by up to 30% during each occurrence! A healthy brain, anti-aging hormones and a giant smile are just some of the beneficial components showing how sex can make you more attractive.

"Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life."

-Mark Twain

6) Accept the Best

You are what you allow. Condition yourself and your expectations to the future version of you, because it is sometimes too much to understand how absolutely worthy you are in the 'now.' By accepting only the values, behaviors and input that your ideal self would allow, you literally become the reflection of what you seek. When you create the trust, dedication and focused desire that you want to integrate with, you’ve discovered self-magnetism, another frequency that responds with universal attraction.

Becoming more attractive is literally about focusing more loving energy inward, toward ideal self, and creating a nameless space of fulfillment within. As this space expands, there is a natural attraction of other fulfilled energies into your field of experience. You are attracting (and thus creating) your lifestyle with every thought, emotion and inspired action. As you integrate these tips to become more attractive, you will quickly see the results in the reflection of those around you. Because, after all, we exist in a universe of pure attraction.

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