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Let It Come: How to Allow a Vision

Be still and know. Make your knowing sacred by honoring its existence with your light.

A note from the Author:

Seeing is believing and inner sight projects scenes of truth into your perception. In many moments, we are simply too distracted to allow space. How then.. are we to allow a vision to guide understanding? Prioritizing silence and solitude allows space for receiving.

I am.. admittedly.. in love with being in my own company. This space-time of observation and intention always glows with gratefulness, uncovering a profoundly comforting connection to all.

In silence and solitude you can practice withdrawing attention from that which you ‘don’t allow’ in your thoughts and amplify focus on that which you ‘gladly allow’.

What we allow, is.

There is no subtraction or division here; only addition and multiplication. Giving energy (through focused attention) to that which you want allows more of exactly that.. and less of what you don't want.

The picture you ultimately see depends on the chosen perception. Take away that which doesn't align you with your truth, and instead focus upon the most peaceful abundant outcomes.

Here's How:

Observe Your Programs with Grace

Practice watching your day like you would watch your favorite sitcom and laugh at your amazing adventures. You are the only one with this perspective. Take time to cherish the shallows, depths, and discoveries of a lifetime. You have a uniquely in touch perspective with self. Take some time to journal. Making journaling a habit gives you space to listen to yourself in a format which encourages free-flowing thought and provides for easy review.

Notice what you feel when you are observing thoughts, and be gracious in locating the ‘origin’ of the thought in order to release the story connected to the sensation. Allowing stories to be stories and feelings to be sensational opens a new world of understanding.

“Power is also the strength and the ability to see yourself through your own eyes and not through the eyes of another.”

-Lyn A. Andrews

Journaling practices help to bring into existence the stories that play out through inner dialogue so that we can see what's happening. Starting with a prompted journal may be helpful to get started, or maybe free form feels better for you. Either way, adding a journaling practice to your daily rituals is a great way to begin the process of allowing your vision to be realized.

Through consistent journaling practices you can begin to see patterns as separate yet related to emotional reactions. This sets the scene for a less judgmental approach to the observational period.

Minimize Rate Limiting Factors

As you hear yourself more fully and review your findings, you may discover what I call rate-limiting factors (distractions). It will become increasingly obvious when emotions of doubt or fear appear. Seeing the connected representation in your lifestyle gives you a choice.

Clear the attachments to disruptions by illuminating the dis-attraction (distraction) that they are. When we see the debt (untruth) in any matter, leaving the matter seems simpler. Continue to watch for inconsistencies in your intention and habits as you calmly sift through the false reasons to find a regenerated way of being.

While watching, listen too for the spaces that make it easy to hear yourself clearly. These findings are where the book of your future is written. Listening to the current programs reinstalled them with updates. If you are seeking a renewed way of being, meditation allows the passage into higher reception. Sitting in meditation regularly is the best way to connect with yourself.

Meditation can be especially daunting for those new to the practice. Introduction through a guided meditation or even a consultative approach to getting started may help to find a method and language that aligns with your personal direction.

Find Gentle Awareness; BEing Inspiration in Action

Practice doing nothing. This will help you to only be moved into aligned action stemming from the spiritual world. Inspiration is when we are in spirit. This is the allowing into our physical representation. When there is positive flow of energy through your being all action is easy and fun. You know what you want to know exactly as time requests, words seem to tumble out truth when you respond to a query. When you aren't trying, you're always succeeding in whatever happens. This requires a great deal of integrity due to the trust involved.

Then trust it. There are most definitely moments when I have found myself stalling action on an impulse for fear of how huge this project might actually become. Then I remind myself that this is now and allowing pieces of the whole to populate as presented actually creates plenty of space to adapt and grow the vision. I can trust that what I create will be even more magical than the daydreams.

“Use your will to picture what you want. Your intent actualizes your will and brings what you picture into being. You need to practice and trust yourself.”

-Lyn A. Andrews

When we allow ourselves to be heard, sit with our patterns, review them gracefully, and have fun preparing for the good to come, the vision is allowed.

Allowing your vision is a beautiful reveal of dynamic art. It's only for you and can be discovered more fully with practices like those listed above. There is no limit to the magnitude of creation which exists within your light. Let's flip the switches!



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