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Welcome to 'Let's Get FUNctional'

Make sure to download the Let's Get FUNctional Workbook HERE. This 15 page personal companion goes hand-in-hand with the video presentation below. Download the pdf, print (if you're into that kinda thing) and enjoy! 

Looking for even more info along your health journey? Be sure to check out VIP's newly ever-expanding selection of consultation options.


Saved by the Bell


I am whatever I say I am 

Epigenetics and emotional states

Forty Days in the Desert 

Deny the world

Observer’s Effect

Can’t worry about little things

Making Space for Magic

Eliminate noise

Never Stop Painting

Creation is vital


'Just a Consult'

1:1 Consultation

Functional means doing what works (and not what doesn't).

Cookie cutter answers aren't the solution for your optimal well-being. You deserve one-on-one attention.

Allowing an open discussion with targeted focus and practical tools, we are able to easily co-create the results you desire while feeling better and having fun!

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'Functional Spirit Science'

12 week package

Functional Spirit Science is a comprehensive, 12-week program that combines the principles of functional medicine, spirituality, and holistic wellness to optimize your overall health and well-being.


It offers a unique approach to address the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, guiding you towards a more vibrant and fulfilling life.


Ready to Have a Chat??


'Just a Chat' is a quick, informal review to learn more about each other and see what level of support best aligns with your goals.

Have something you want to talk about?

Let's have a chat!

***Enter coupon code FUNCTIONAL24 at checkout***

Jenna roots

Quantum Limitless

Private Mentorship

Schedule your interview today!

Experience aligned energy and clarity with quantum theory applied to your individual lifestyle. 


Remove rate-limiting-factors and achieve self-actualization through mentorship that feels easy and fun!

You know that you're capable of the life you've dreamed of and sometimes it feels so close. This is the next step to everything you've ever imagined.

*Only available to existing or prior clients

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