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Quantum Branding Intensive

Create a plan of action that aligns your lifestyle with your business goals using VIP's exclusive formulary. 

Utilizing scientific perspective, intuitive channeling and 1:1 counseling sessions, you get the blueprint to reach next level. 

More details below.

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Ready to level-up your game on a quantum level? To find happiness in your success? QL was crafted for professionals looking to optimize their business savvy lifestyle and create sustainable patterns that align with self.

Application info available below.

Quantum Branding Intensive

Quantum Branding Intensive

The Quantum Reality

The most common perceived obstacle most of us face when establishing and promoting their own brand is TIME.

But what if TIME wasn't the rate limiting factor?

Quantum Branding Intensive accelerates the learning curve by providing the blueprint to crafting + marketing your unique brand in complete and proper alignment with your personal goals.

Clients and graduates of QBI learn to harness their natural abilities and utilize these skills in creation of an optimal life... from business to wellness.

You can have it all right now.
You do NOT have to wait until "later"

There is no reason to settle for less.
You do NOT have to "compromise"

Here, we create our own reality. 

What are you creating?

The Formula

Step 1:
Fill out an application HERE.

Step 2:
Choose your desired plan:
1) Regular Package : two weekly meetings x 6 weeks
1:1 meetings, website creation, logo design, lesson plans, branding, personalized worksheets, activities, marketing plan of action
2) Accelerated Package : four weekly meetings x 3 weeks
Same inclusions with results in a quantum leap.

Step 3:
Secure your spot.
(Payment link sent once application is approved)
Quantum Limitless

quantum limitless

Extended visionary Services

Concept Production w/

expansive outline

Brand Creation within the

Functional Alignment Model

Lifestyle & Goal Alignment

Exclusive access to VIP Entourage content

Quantum realities

Networking & Mastermind inclusions

Application /

Immediately Available to

Graduates of:

Functional Spirit Science


Quantum Branding Intensive



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